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We agree with you: Cooperation is something to strive for 365 days a year! Even if the 2018 Desjardins/Simplyk Co-op Week is over ... If you'd like to volunteer year-round, click the button below to find organizations that need a helping hand in your community.

Simplyk is a partner to find volunteer opportunities

For the 2018 Co-op Week, Desjardins and Simplyk team up to enable community organizations that help young people, to put their volunteer needs online.

This allows Desjardins employees, members and officers to discover volunteering activities that reflects their interests and sensibilities in order to celebrate cooperatives through concrete actions.

François and Thibaut

Founders of Simplyk

« We have the chance to live a happy and healthy life. However, we realize it's not the case for everyone. Many people are going through hard times, often alone and we believe that with more solidarity and mutual aid, we can create a happier society for everyone. When we see hundreds of volunteers offering their time and energy everyday through Simplyk, we realize it is not just a utopia. »

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